Why is Invisalign the Best Orthodontic Aligner?

Posted by DR. GREGORY ZABEK on Jun 8 2020, 01:50 AM

Have you been thinking about getting your misaligned teeth corrected? That's great! All you need to do now is visit the dentist, get yourself diagnosed, and understand your orthodontic options before choosing the right one. If you ask us, we suggest Invisalign, the modern-day orthodontic aligner made from transparent plastic material and backed by highly advanced technology.

Teenagers will love Invisalign!

Teenage is one of the most self-conscious phases of any person's life. Most teenagers are so concerned about their appearance that the slightest problem would affect their confidence levels significantly. When it comes to their oral aesthetics, having crooked teeth would be such a massive letdown for any teenager.

Getting braces would solve the problem, alright. But, the fact that braces are clearly visible makes any person self-conscious of them. It's understandable, as no person would want everyone to know that they're getting their teeth straightened, especially not teens. This is where Invisalign would be of great help to teenagers due to all its amazing benefits.

It Stays in Disguise

People wearing Invisalign wouldn't have to worry about their aligners being visible. It is made up of clear thermoplastic and is virtually invisible or transparent. This allows your pearly white teeth to be seen through the aligners as though you're not wearing them at all.

Free from Metal 

Invisalign is completely made from clear plastic and doesn't have any metal parts or attachments. With no metal involved, the aligners will be much safer to use, and the risk of injury is reduced. Also, there is a lesser change in the shape and contour of the aligners as they have shape memory. 

Brushing, Flossing, and Eating

Traditional metal braces can make cleaning your teeth quite tricky as the brackets and wires may interfere with it. On the other hand, there is no such issue with Invisalign as they are easily removable. It gives you the freedom to clean your teeth thoroughly without any complications. Similarly, your eating habits would not be affected as you can remove your aligners before eating any food of your choice. This factor is often delighting!

Lesser Visits to the Dentist's Office

With Invisalign, you'll only have to visit your dentist once every six weeks to keep your progress in check and get your new set of aligners. This way, you'll have more free time to spend on your chores instead of at the dentist. But, in the case of braces, this isn't so as you'll have to visit the dentist more often for adjustments to the braces.

Big Day Tomorrow? 

If you're having an important day tomorrow, such as prom night, a presentation before the entire class, an important meeting at the office, you wouldn't have to get all worked up that your aligners would be seen. They can always be removed for a brief period of time and put them back on later.

All these factors make Invisalign the best choice for individuals with malocclusion to get their teeth straightened without facing confidence issues. Call us at (415) 362-1102, a thorough consultation with Dr. Zabek would help you understand Invisalign better.

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