About Gregory S. Zabek, D.D.S.

Dr. Gregory Zabek is one of the most experienced dentists in San Francisco. He has been actively practicing for over 35 years, all the while advancing his knowledge in the field of dentistry. After graduating with honors from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 1973, he returned in the 1980's and spent several years teaching all levels of dental students on such topics as gum treatment, dentures and mercury-free fillings.

Today he dedicates himself to his patients, his family and his community. Using the knowledge and skill he has developed over three decades, he creates beautiful, natural smiles with cosmetic procedures and helps his patients keep their teeth healthy for life.

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What our patients are saying...

"Dr. Zabek was my dentist for about four years before moving away from SF. While I never really loved going to the dentist beforehand, Dr. Zabek did a great job and made my visits fun. If I hadn't moved, he'd still be my dentist today...and I thoroughly recommend him."

"Dr. Z is the guy you want to go! He’s very experienced and always does excellent work. He doesn’t try to impress you with the latest gadgets or techniques, he just provides you with solid advice and good dentistry. Hands down the best dentist I have ever had. He also has a great sense of humor an..."

"Had a good experience Doctor Zabeck. His care and work speaks for itself. I do recommend him."

"dr. z is the best, i have all my teeth at 73! thank you greg...you took great care of my family as well!"

"He is pretty awesome.Highly recommended for sure. He really takes time to examine .I am so happy I found the right dentist now."

"I've been going to see Dr Z for more than 20 years and couldn't be more pleased. He's always very thorough and professional and can be trusted only to recommend work that's truly needed. My teeth are in great shape thanks to a great partnership. About five years ago I worked with Dr Z to replace ..."

"I just had my initial exam with Dr. Gregory Zabek and he was outstanding. It was the most thorough dental examination I have ever had (and I've had plenty). I feel like I found the right dentist! Dr. Zabek is an excellent dentist who listens to the patient and takes care with great attention to d..."

"I grew up having my grandfather as my dentist and now that he is retired I found Dr. Zabek through friends.Dr. Zabek is very helpful. I had my first appointment last year and he went through a detailed first exam. Afterward, we reviewed my insurance and he explained to me what benefits I had and ..."

"Dr. Zabek is a very knowledgeable dentist with a great sense of humor. His cleanings are incredibly thorough and cavity fillings are painless. His office staff are super friendly too. Love them!"

"- Really have enjoyed my experience with Doc Zabek - He's knowledgable, and gets things done quickly - Super friendly and helpful staff   - Short wait times"

"I love this dentist! From his friendly staff to his chair side manner, Dr. Zabek is hands down the best dentist I've ever had. I lost my tooth and went to Dr. Zabek after another dentist wanted to charge me $5,600 for a bridge. Dr. Zabek discussed my options, and got me a tooth the very next day...."

"Dr. Zabek is a hero. I had pain in a tooth and couldn't eat on one side for over six months. And he fixed it in 20 minutes. On top of that, he's a great guy and his team are all bright and happy. Couldn't be happier! Highly recommended."

"I went to Dr. Zabek ("Dr. Z") yesterday for the first time.  My visit was the most thorough, well-explained and helpful I've had to a dentist in over 10 years.  Dr. Z and his staff are funny, helpful, and take the time to explain what they are doing.  Dr. Z takes care to study the whole maxillofa..."

"I've been a patient of Dr. "little tooth" for almost 8 years, I think?  I even went to see him in between employment & insurance coverage.  I've had crowns, fillings replaced, and mostly just regular cleanings and check ups to keep the teeth happy.  Cheryl is awesome, Leonore is just about as fri..."

"I went to another dentist before and was diagnosed with a possible root canal therapy. When I saw the quote from my previous dentist I was like: "HUWHAT?!?!"Then I found out that the dentist that I went was not "in-network" with my company's dental insurance company, I immediately went online to ..."

"I grew up going to one of the best dentists in the Portland area (Dr. Alan Montrose - Smiles Northwest), and was never able to find a dentist in any other city that compared until I came to Dr. Zabek. He is awesome. Very thorough, very knowledgeable and he even went to the best dental school in t..."

"Not only is Dr. Zabek a great dentist, not only are his assistant and receptionist cheerful and professional, not only are they loads of laughs, I must say that they sort of renew my faith in the human race. How's that for a teeth-cleaning.First of all, maybe it's just my tough Midwestern standar..."

"Another 5 stars for Dr. Zabek.  I chose Dr. Zabek due to my insurance, location (short walk from Powell BART station area where I work), and excellent Yelp reviews.  I agree with the other Yelpers on this one, as indicated by the 5 stars in this review.  The other members were right on about Dr. ..."

"Dr. Z is great!  The location in Union Square is right for lunch time appointments / close to public transport.  The staff is friendly and professional (Leonor at the front desk is the best!).  You can even watch a movie while you are having your filling done."

"Cracked a filling/tooth on popcorn one day. Housemate recommended him, he was able to see my last minute. Super awesome guy, knows his stuff. Def switching over to him. Bonus points, he also looks like a Wizard."

"I came to Dr. Zabek after going to a dentist I wasn’t so happy with over a year ago- and could not be happier with that choice! Dr. Zabek is so honest and informational, making it easy to come back for regular teeth cleanings and giving me a range of options for various specialized treatments."

"Always a great dental experience with DR Zabek and staff. the office has Great preventive measures to prevent the Spread of covid to his staff and Patience while keeping a Beautiful smile on Everyone's face!!"

"I have been going to Dr. Zabek since I moved to San Francisco seven years ago, as he was recommended by my former dentist. People compliment my teeth! Thank you Dr. Zabek! He is exceptional, because I never before thought a visit to the dentist was something to look forward to."

"Dr. Zabek is a great dentist that knows what he is doing! I strongly recommend going to Dr. Zabek for all your dental needs!"

"Dr. Zabek is truly an amazing dentist! I would know. I’ve had a lot of dental issues that have plagued me my entire life, and have been to quite a few dentists. A lot of dentists that I have been to in San Francisco seem to Be running some sort of scam ( hidden fees, scare tactics) Not Dr. Zabek!..."

"Going to a dentist can be stressful but not at this office! This team knows how to make you feel comfortable, they work with you on every aspect of your visit (from scheduling to billing) Recommend!"

"I just want to thank Dr. Zabek for his amazing work that he did on my teeth. I started with him 18 years ago when I moved from the Caribbean back to San Francisco. My teeth are a mess and my gums were terrible bleeding all the time. Over the years with his care my gums are probably 99% good and m..."

"One of the best dentist/ doctors visits I’ve ever had. He was kind , friendly , calming and extremely knowledgeable. Have no doubts , he’s an amazing pick for your teeth !"

"One of the best dentist/ doctors visits I’ve ever had. He was kind , friendly , calming and extremely knowledgeable. Have no doubts , he’s an amazing pick for your teeth !"

"Cracked filling, Dr Z took the care in rescheduling someone just to see me. Awesome dude! ^^"

"Munch! Crunch! Chomp! You do a lot of that this time of year. Lots of smiling too! Thank you Dr Zabek. This year I really enjoyed smiling and eating for the first time in a long time."

"Dr. Z is the best! I have all my teeth at 73!!!"

"Dr. Zabek is the best Dentist in all of the bay area. He is great to work with and is always honest and kind"

""I’ve been coming to see Dr. Zabek for more than 30 years.“Over the years, I’ve had excellent dental care from Dr. Zabek – fillings, crowns, and bridges.  All my dental restorations are artistically right; they match the color and shape of my existing teeth.“I like that Dr. Zabek tries to ma..."

"“I come to Dr. Zabek regularly for checkups and teeth-cleaning. He’s great – he has a great chair-side manner and makes going to the dentist very easy.“Dr. Zabek is very warm. He takes the time to explain things and is very professional. It’s a very friendly office, they will work with your sched..."

"“I’ve been coming to Dr. Zabek ever since he bought this practice in 1976. I like him because he is friendly, accessible and really knows his stuff.“Everything he has done for me has worked out really well. I only lost one tooth in 35 years, and he gave me a permanent bridge as a solution for tha..."

"I started seeing Dr. Zabek when my former dentist retired, and he’s been great. I like the fact that he is knowledgeable and up to date in his field.  He knows the latest things that are going on and applies them in the chair.“Dr. Zabek is very gentle. I’ve gotten three crowns, many filling ..."

"Dr. Zabek has been my dentist for 23 years. I came to him for a checkup and teeth cleaning, and I’ve continued to see him regularly.“I cracked one of my front teeth, which looked bad. He repaired it and did a beautiful job. He’s fixed cavities for me, done a root canal or two, and several crowns...."

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Zabek for close to 20 years, and his caring dental treatment has enabled me to keep me smiling.“I’m a mouth-breather, and that exposes you to more cavities than usual. I had been seeing a couple of other dentists, but I wasn’t happy with what they were doing to help me. Then ..."

"Dr. Greg Zabek is a lifelong friend, and an excellent dentist. He has been taking care of all of my dental needs for 22 years, and the care has been excellent.“Whether I needed to have cavities filled, checkups or dental implants, I could always count on Dr. Zabek for a painfree experience.“He is..."

"My boss referred me to Dr. Zabek, and I really like him.“He’s an excellent dentist, really knows his craft and doesn’t try to oversell you on things that you don’t need. He makes you feel very comfortable.“The staff is so professional, they want to make sure that they meet all of your needs. I ra..."

"Dr. Gregory Zabek has been my general dentist for more than five years. I was recommended to him by both my retiring general dentist and my periodontist."I have come to appreciate him as not only a dental professional, but also as a biomedical scientist and a friend. Dr. Z maintains his practice ..."

"When I needed some extensive dental work, I did research and talked to a lot of doctors. Dr. Zabek came highly recommended. I’ve been coming to him for 10 years now, and I recommend him highly also.“I like that he keeps up to date with the procedures that he uses and that he’s been a professor at..."

"In the past thirty years, I’ve changed jobs, addresses, doctors, hairdressers -- even husbands! -- but I’ve always gone to the same dentist, Dr. Greg Zabek. He’s the best! Despite a four-hour round trip to his office in San Francisco, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else."When I first started ..."

"Dr. Zabek is a fantastic dentist and boasts an impressive collection of hot sauces which he proudly displays in his San Francisco office near Union Square.  “I found Dr. Zabek when a visiting houseguest had an accident and needed a veneer for a chipped front tooth.  The work he did..."

"I want to give my most whole-hearted recommendation of Greg Zabek, DDS."I am a semi-retired lawyer. When I first went to Greg well over 25 years ago, I lived in San Francisco. I had had experience with a lot of dentists over the years. None turned out to be even in the same league with Dr. Zabek...."

"Dr. Zabek has been my dentist for my entire adult life, nearly 30 years.  “When I first started seeing him my gums were bloody and my teeth were yellow.  Now when I go in for my appointments they can't find anything to clean.  “Dr Z & his staff completely turned my de..."

"I was very fortunate to get an appointment with Dr Zabek about 15 years ago and cannot speak highly enough of him since that day forward. Over the years you tend to take the excellence, cooperation, and intrinsic goodness of his team for granted."From the basic to intricate and complex work, Dr Z..."

"I like Dr. Zabek for two big reasons. He's quick and his approach is two fold.“Dr. Zabek does not only rely on the latest technology and fancy gizmos, but also supports all his analysis with old school diagnosis. He can also handle after hours emergencies and short notice appointments.“Yeah, he's..."

"Dr. Z is great!  The location in Union Square is right for lunch time appointments / close to public transport.“The staff is friendly and professional (Leonor at the front desk is the best!).  You can even watch a movie while you are having your filling done.”"


Experience the Difference

Dr. Zabek has been practicing comprehensive dentistry in San Francisco, California, for over 40 years. His excellent work has helped him to build a welcoming office atmosphere where patients can relax and not have to worry about the treatment they will receive. We care about our patients and want them to receive the best dental care possible. To schedule an appointment, call today!

New protocols for COVID-19

  • Patients will have to do an antimicrobial rinse before coming in.
  • Patient pre-screening will be held through temperature checking.
  • All patients will have to use hand sanitizer before and after the visit.
  • We have added plastic on all chairs as an Impermeable Barrier
  • We clean and disinfect work areas using anti-bacterial spray before and after each patient's visit.

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Everything is either sterilized or thrown away, nothing is reused.



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