All About Getting a Smile Makeover

Posted by DR. GREGORY ZABEK on Dec 2 2020, 10:03 PM

Ever wondered what role a smile plays in one's personality? Here is the answer. A smile plays an integral part in enhancing one's confidence as well as appearance. People with pleasing oral aesthetics and good hygiene tend to have higher self-esteem than those whose oral hygiene is going down the drain. As a result, they engage better and leave a lasting impression on their peers when they have a good smile backed with a healthy set of teeth. 

Are you someone who is embarrassed to smile openly in public? Are you worried about socializing with others because you are conscious about your smile? Thanks to the progress in the field of dental technology, now, you get the smile you always wanted to have. At Dr. Zabek, we provide various cosmetic dentistry procedures done by our experts, who will help you achieve your dream smile. Some of our popular cosmetic dentistry procedures are Dental Veneers, Tooth Implants & Teeth Whitening.  Our experts at Dr.Zabek analyze your dental concerns and unique features like facial expression, skin tone, hair color, etc., before the smile-makeover procedure.

Are You a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

If you have any dental pathology that influences your smile's aesthetics, you can opt for a smile-makeover with us. At Dr.Zabek, our patients have smile makeovers for such dental concerns as:

  • Eroded teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Uneven gum line
  • Spaces between teeth (crossbite, open bite, etc.)
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Crooked teeth

If you have one of these problems, consult our dentist and determine which kind of treatment will suit you best. Depending on your likes, dislikes, and tastes about your teeth, we will help you achieve your dream smile. Our experts help transform your smile by making appropriate changes to the following:

Tooth Color

Usually, people who consume a lot of tobacco, wine, etc., are more prone to staining their teeth, and as a result, they lose the aesthetic appearance. Your cosmetic dentists are skilled enough to suggest your teeth whitening and perform it with such precision that it gives out a natural look. 


Spacing between the teeth, crooked teeth or overlapping teeth gives out an unpleasant appearance. Your cosmetic dentist will suggest proper treatments like Invisalign or veneers through which you can overcome this issue and have the best smile.

Missing Teeth 

No one can afford to have a lost tooth, as it hampers one's self-confidence and impacts your digestion process as well. If one tooth is lost, it can alter your biting and chewing function, and as a result, it can affect your digestion. Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants done by professionals who make sure that the replaced teeth look and perform in the most aesthetic manner like the original one. 

Harmony and Balance

When you have a chipped, uneven tooth, it can be corrected to improve the appearance, and a gummy smile can be re-contoured, which will help improve the overall smile.

Concerned about your smile and want to have a smile-makeover this festive season? Call us at  (415) 362-1102 or book an appointment online.


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