Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays or radiographs are diagnostic instruments that help visualize the inner anatomy of parts of our body such as the mouth. They help detect anomalies of the gums, teeth, detect abscesses, abnormal growths, etc. Digital X-rays have prevented the need for complicated procedures and have helped save and preserve dental health of several patients. This state-of-the-art digital X-ray has revolutionized and enhanced dental care to the benefit of our patient's dental health.


Digital X-rays uses electronic sensors to capture images. These images can be quickly transported to a computer screen. Digital X-rays cut a large amount of radiation from being exposed to the patient as much as by 90 percent making it safe and harmless as a diagnostic tool.

Advantages of Digital X-rays

Apart from minimizing the amount of exposure to radiation, digital X-rays offer many benefits to both the dentist and the patient. A few among the several benefits are listed below:

  • No chemical processing
  • No waiting time
  • Complete visual print of the oral cavity

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced X-ray image quality
  • When it comes to digital X-rays clarity and detail are a must. Digital X-rays offer high-quality images that surpass traditional films.

  • Easy to share and store
  • Organizing and sharing X-ray films across a health institution can be made easier with digital copies of X-rays. Use of digital radiography can ensure easy storage and movement of files.

  • Time and productivity savings
  • X-ray images reduce the need to wait. They can be instantly stored and ready to view on the computer screen.

Since digital X-rays can be visually viewed on a computer screen, X-rays taken at different times can be compared by using a technique that can highlight the differences between these images.

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